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AMPG Measuring Tool Accessories | Dial Indicator Points

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Ira has been involved in the world of Metrology for over 50 years. These series of videos will help you produce better quality results on your projects by understanding how to use AMPG products to enhance the measuring tools you probably already own. This video focuses on AMPG’s 22 Piece Dial Indicator Point Kit (Part # Z9000SS) and when to use a certain point for a certain task.

Indicator Dial Point Accessory Kit

AMPG Measuring Tool Accessories | Centerline Gauges

Q: What’s the most common job done in the shop that has an absolute severe consequence if it’s done wrong?
A: Measuring a hole and making certain it is in the right spot to make that hole

AMPG’s Centerline Gauges are attachments used for precision measuring of the distance between holes that can easily be attached to your caliper. They are available in 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″ and 24″ increments in hardened 416 stainless steel. AMPG products # Z9009, Z9010.

Centerline Gauges

AMPG Measuring Tool Accessories | Caliper Extender Kit

Need a few more inches on your caliper for measurements? AMPG’s Caliper Extender Kit allows you to add up to 91″ to measure those extra long objects for precise measuring using a standard caliper. The Extension bars are manufactured from a high-grade aluminum 6061 T6 with black anodized with white numerals milled in to the stock for exceptional clarity and protection. AMPG product # Z2591, Z2571, Z2551, Z2536, Z2526

Caliper Extender Accessories
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