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Introducing the all-new ART DART™ by Accurate Manufactured Products Group…


A new (Patent Applied For), convenient, safe and easy way to mount printed information in Art Galleries, Museums, Retail Stores, Offices, and anywhere that a traditional StandOff Mount would damage or put large holes in the wall or mounting surface.


A revolutionary design that turns a standard push pin into a contemporary architectural mounting statement. Upgrade the look of any display with these handsome mounts.

Made in the USA, and all patents are applied for.

Using the push pin as the mounting method means that there will only be a small hole in your wall or surface, and these are safe to use anywhere a thumb tack could go. The ½” diameter Art Dart looks substantial, and stands off the wall a minimum of ¾”. There is room for .070” thick stock to be mounted under the threaded cap. Manufactured on CNC Swiss Lathes from Aluminum, the Art Dart comes assembled onto the push pin, and has a removable threaded cap.

Grip your sign by the edge, or mount directly through a hole punched in the sign.

Part Number: Z0004-PAK

For more information on ART DARTS™ email us at or call 317-472-9000

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