Prints and Tech Terms and Conditions

You have requested Accurate Manufactured Products Group (“AMPG”) to provide you with certain of its drawings and/or specification files for your personal use and convenience, and AMPG has responded accordingly.

By opening and accessing the file(s) provided herewith, you hereby accept and agree to the terms and conditions below. Should you question or refuse to accept these terms, please notify AMPG immediately for this to be discussed and hopefully resolved. Meanwhile, please refrain from opening the provided file(s) and promptly delete them subject to resolution of the same.

“Any electronic drawings and/or product specifications transmitted to you by AMPG at your request, including in particular product drawings, shall remain the sole property of AMPG. These items are subject to AMPG’s copyright and contain valuable, proprietary and trade secret information. You may utilize these items solely to establish whether the products shown and described are suitable for your particular use. You must not: (1) copy or modify AMPG’s drawings or specifications, whether in whole or in part, in any other form or for any other purpose; (2) remove or alter AMPG’s proprietary markings; or (3) forward any of AMPG’s drawings or specifications, or the information contained therein, to any third party without the prior written agreement of AMPG.

Failure to abide by these terms subjects you to liability for copyright infringement, including but not limited to statutory and multiple damages and attorneys fees.”