AMPG Parts Cleaning Process

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Cleanliness and safety are a the top priority in our world today. At AMPG, we have always understood this.

Every part that AMPG manufactures, ranging in size from 4 millimetres to 7 inches in diameter,  is cleaned in a IFP KP-100 high performance vacuum parts washer. Below diagram illustrates each step of the parts washing cycle.

Why does this matter?

Part features like blind holes and internal threads are challenging to penetrate and cleanse. Cleaning such features becomes increasingly problematic in small diameters and high volume quantities. The advanced technology of the IFP KP-100 ensures AMPG parts are left fully sanitized and free of contamination, even for those parts with challenging geometries.

  • No residue that binds germs or grime. Parts come free of greases, oils, emulsions, and particulates – truly clean.
  • Parts can go to work right away. You don’t need to worry about cleaning AMPG parts before installing them. We have taken that step off your hands.
  • Machines that operate smoothly and consistently. Your machinery is only as good as the parts that compose it, and our parts arrive ready to do the job.

Cleaning parts at AMPG

Our parts cleaning processes take place at the AMPG facility, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. From binding barrels to 316, 17-4 and A286 shoulder screws that are used for precision shafting in medical devices, we pride ourselves on prioritizing cleanliness and safety for every piece we manufacture. Check out pictures of our parts cleaning process below.

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