New Star Micronics SR38B Machine Tools

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Star SR38B Lathe
Star SR38B Lathe
Star SR38B Lathe

AMPG recently installed three brand new Star SR38B advanced Swiss Lathes, bringing our total of Star Swiss Lathes producing parts 24/7/365 to 21.


These brand new Stars give us so many new advantages:

  • They increase our automatic bar fed capacity from 1-1/4” to 1-1/2” for our larger architectural components and fastener product lines.
  • Increase to 10 axis machining over the 7 axis of the SR32J we now have, so more complicated parts come off complete
  • Hold 40 cutting tools instead of the 24 capacity of our SR32J’s, allowing more operations, and decreased setup times
  • Faster rapid speeds and advanced pinch turning cut our cycle times dramatically

With two more on order for later this year, we are continuing to increase our capacity to handle more small turned part and fastener manufacturing business in less time.

Print to Part in 7 Days

Interested in a putting these machines to work for your own parts? Contact our Engineered Products Group for a quote.

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