New Patents: Innovative Solutions for Anchoring, Mounting & Fastening

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AMPG secures three new patents for innovative solutions for mounting and fastening hardware


Indianapolis, Indiana, September 24, 2014 — AMPG® (Accurate Manufactured Products Group Inc.) has been designing and manufacturing an ever expanding line of precision components, production aids, measuring tool accessories and specialty fasteners since 1987. AMPG® is a US manufacturer located in Indianapolis.   We are represented by local and national distributors throughout the USA and worldwide.  We are committed to our customers and our products.  Our business plan is to manufacture and stock ever-expanding lines of slow moving but necessary industrial components, accessories, and fasteners. We sell through the largest industrial and fastener distributors in the world.


AMPG’s three newest patents cover a convenient & safe way to mount printed information to drywall, fast-mount all- purpose hardware for mounting standoffs & spacers to walls, and a twist-free anchor for adjusting extension springs & cable wire.


Patent 8,752,803, The Art Dart™ turns a regular push pin into a classic modern Standoff – no large holes left in the wall, and quick and easy installation.  A convenient and safe way to mount printed information in Art Galleries, Museums, Retail Stores, Office-Bulletin Boards, anywhere that a label , a notice,  a tag is desired.  The Art Dart™ makes a contemporary architectural mounting statement.  Manufactured on Swiss Lathes from aluminum, the Art Dart™ standoff comes assembled onto a high-quality push pin, and has a removable threaded cap.  Grip your sign by the edge between the cap and standoff and your printed material is displayed.


Patent 8,832,920, The FastMount Adapter™ is a specialty component that turns a standard hollow wall anchor into a Standoff mounting device.  You can now mount a great looking standoff anywhere you can put a hollow wall anchor.  Manufactured on Swiss Lathes from 18-8 stainless steel, the FastMount Adapters™ delivers an easy way to mount standoffs into drywall.


Patent 8,136,801, Z-Swivel™ Anchors is our specialty fastener solution to adjusting extension springs without twisting. When adjusting the tension on extension springs, the spring twists as the spring anchor is tightened.  The Z-Swivel™ Anchor head allows for the adjustment of tension on the spring, without twisting it.  Z-Swivel™ Anchors is also an effective solution for anchoring cable wire.  Manufactured on Swiss Lathes from 18-8 stainless steel and is currently is available through the major catalog houses, spring distributors and cable wire rail system dealers.


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