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Who is Matt Goldberg, and where does AMPG’s history begin?

Matt GoldbergMy name is Matt Goldberg, and I am the founder and CEO of AMPG, also known as Accurate Manufactured Products Group. We are an independently owned family business that started in 1987. We manufacture specialty and hard to find fasteners and architectural components.

How did AMPG come to be? What is AMPG’s history?

I spent my early days as a product manager becoming a market expert in fasteners and industrial products while working for Tower Fasteners and MSC Supply. I identified an opportunity to distribute accessory type items for machine tools, measuring tools, and small volume fastener items, which prior to that time came mainly from overseas. Accurate’s history is an entrepreneurial-journey beginning as a distributor of machine tool accessories to becoming a precision-manufacturer of specialized fasteners and mechanical components.

How has the business changed throughout the years?

Throughout our history, we’ve worked to build up our product lines to include over 18,000 stocked parts in our centrally located facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our facility supports low to medium volume orders with over 30 CNC Swiss Lathes & Milling Centers running 24/7.  Our future is to continue to invest in the most advanced production equipment, as well as software and engineering systems to run our business as efficiently as possible.

To what or whom do you attribute AMPG’s success?

In short, the people. The success and company growth is the result of a family of hard-working and dedicated employees. As a family owned and operated company, AMPG weathered the recessions of the early 90’s and 2000’s, and the “Great Recession” of 2008-2009.  Accurate was successful, re-establishing its’ growth curve, and currently, continues to add new advanced production equipment. AMPG is proud to have managers who have been on-board from day one; managers trained at the company who have 15 years or more Accurate experience, and managers being developed to handle the challenges of a growing manufacturer as we move into an exciting future. In addition, we always want to thank the fastener industry for 20 years of relationships with many people whom we consider friends and business partners. We realize business is about collaboration with all of our customers and suppliers.

What does the future hold for AMPG?

With the second generation working in the business, we are looking forward to a long, stable, and sustainable future. As we invest in more machinery, we need to focus on lean manufacturing as well as QC and speed of delivery. We are working to continually improve our lead times, and with over twenty thousand SKUs, it’s a giant undertaking. We are becoming ISO certified in 2016 as well as investing in new inspection equipment and automation. We believe that it is our responsibility to continually develop new, exciting products to offer the marketplace, and we see a long future in doing just that.

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