AMPG Machinist 3D-Prints Face Shields During Fight Against Coronavirus

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In an effort to protect AMPG staff while PPE is at a shortage, one AMPG employee began 3D-printing custom designed face shields.

Accessing the necessary PPE to safeguard an entire workforce has not been easy during the spread of COVID-19. Not only is there a shortage of health and safety supplies in the marketplace, there is also a moral responsibility to ensure that medical workers have access to the limited supplies that are available.

“Manufacturing our own face shields offers added benefits to the conventional protection a standard shield provides,” says AMPG machinist. The AMPG face shields are designed with an adjustable strap to fit each individual employee’s head. Additional padding has been added to the interior of each shield to ensure maximum comfort. The plastic portion of the shield is comprised of a flexible and chemically resistant material. The material properties of the shield guarantees it can be used in all environments of the workplace. Each face shield is personalized with employee names to ensure no mask belonging to one employee is mistakenly used by another employee.

AMPG machinists work 10 hour shifts where the face shield is worn during the majority of those 10 hours. These face shields are designed by an employee for employees to optimize comfort and security throughout the entire shift. While the AMPG PPE Project is far from over, one thing is certain – the 3D-printed shields are protecting the AMPG family from catching and spreading the coronavirus.

3D-Printing AMPG Face Shields

Watch the face shield printing process in action

AMPG 3D Printing Face Shields

To better protect our employees, we are using our internal resources to #3DPrint #FaceShields. This is just the beginning of changes that will be implemented at AMPG to evolve our workplace for better safety in these times. Other changes include automatic lights and Step N'Pull door openers.Read more about this project here -

Posted by AMPG on Wednesday, April 29, 2020
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