Our Team

  • Matt Goldberg
    Matt Goldberg President
  • Alex Goldberg
    Alex Goldberg Vice President, Sales
  • Nelson Cruz
    Nelson Cruz Vice President, Manufacturing
  • Linda Thompson
    Linda Thompson Vice President
  • John Null
    John Null Outside Sales
  • Melissa McCombs
    Melissa McCombs Customer Service
  • Liviu Galea
    Liviu Galea Continuous Improvement
  • Steven Worth
    Steven Worth Purchasing
  • Alina Zehan
    Alina Zehan Customer Service
  • Joanne Worth
    Joanne Worth Customer Service
  • Halie Thompson
    Halie Thompson Compliance Coordinator
  • Kelsey Meyer
    Kelsey Meyer Wellness Coach
For OEM and end user customers, requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. Criteria for OEM sales include manufacturing non-inventory items and minimum order quantities. To learn more, visit our Engineered Products Group.

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