Architectural Fasteners

You won’t want to hide our fasteners.

AMPG™ (Accurate Manufactured Products Group, Inc.) manufactures unique components, visually appealing fasteners
and architectural hardware. We work with engineers, interior designers, project installers, and architects. We produce
custom components to fit your design.

Architectural Fasteners Manufacturing

AMPG™ is a USA manufacturer of standard and custom fastening solutions including architectural fasteners and components that enhance building and interior design elements. AMPG™ manufactures unique components, fittings, visually appealing fasteners and architectural hardware.

Industrial Jewelry

Custom parts to your spec, print, or design are manufactured on our state of the art CNC Swiss Lathes, with short lead times and from domestic raw materials.

100% Guarantee

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Special items are one of our strengths. We can custom manufacture items to your specifications at very competitive prices. Quickly.

Here to Stay

Accurate is an independently owned family business started in 1987. With the second generation working in the business, we are looking forward to a long future.

We’re proud to be an American manufacturer.

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