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AMPG provided Binding Barrels / Sex Bolts for the winning architectural design of the 2017 Folly / Function competition held at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, New York.

The Folly program is an annual architecture competition for emerging designers and architects. The contest involves the design and construction of large-scale projects for public exhibition at Socrates Sculpture Park. The 2017 competition focused on portable and demountable structures for use in the park. Eva Jensen Design in collaboration with Laufs Engineering Design, innovated this year’s winning project, Circle Shade – 2πR4.


The Binding Barrels / Sex Bolts provided by AMPG served as a functional and aesthetic method of joining and connecting the support poles to the canopy. As a result, the design piece not only provides shade, but it also functions as an outdoor furniture piece.

Laufs Engineering Design (LED) is a structural engineering consultancy based in New York with a focus on facade engineering, glass, and specialty design. LED initially worked with AMPG on different projects, which showcased AMPG design/build capabilities. In their research for the fastening methods and products for this structure, Lauf utilized the AMPG web site, as well as the AMPG products on the McMaster Carr Supply website. After determining their functional and aesthetic needs, the Laufs Engineering Design team worked directly with AMPG to identify the exact product that would most effectively embody the vision they had for their architectural design.

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