AMPG Introduces the All-New PRAIRIE BOLT™

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Accurate Manufactured Products Group, Inc. introduces a new line of grip length screws. Unlike standard screws and bolts that are ordered by their overall length, Prairie Bolts™ are called out by “grip length”. Grip length refers to the unthreaded shank of the screw and it is measured from underneath the flange head to the beginning of threads. Grip lengths of a Prairie Bolt™ are available in 1/8” increments. image

Socket Head with Flange used in a tapped hole resists Tension Forces (Ft) and the unthreaded grip length is stronger against Shear (Fs)


Hex Head with Flange used with a flange nut resists Tension Forces (Ft) and the unthreaded grip length is stronger against Shear (Fs).


Advantages of a Prairie Bolt™

  • Designed with grip lengths to fit the thicknesses of materials being fastened—keeping the weaker threaded portion of the screw out of the shear plane.
  • With movement, the grip length of a Prairie Bolt™ provides a smooth bearing surface that protects against damaging the materials being bolted.
  • The flange head has a built-in washer that prevents crushing thinner and softer materials.
  • Flange heads increase surface contact and provide extra holding power.
  • The oversized washer style heads of a Prairie Bolt™ are able to distribute loads over a larger surface area—in this way they are ideal for fastening softer and thinner materials such as aluminum, copper and composites.
  • The flanged hex heads & flanged socket heads are heavy enough to take on higher torque and tension loads.
  • Prairie Bolts™ are offered in corrosion resistant materials, high-strength stainless steel and lightweight materials – ideal for a wide range of specialized fastening applications.

For more information on PRAIRIE BOLTS™, email us at, or call 317-472-9000

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