AMPG Binding Posts Fasten OSU’s Formula Buckeyes Racecar

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Ohio State University Formula SAE team
Who are The Formula Buckeyes?

The Formula Buckeyes are The Ohio State University (OSU) Formula SAE team. Each year, the team builds a Formula style racecar from scratch to compete nationally and internationally against other student led teams. This year, AMPG provided free samples of binding posts to assist in the aerodynamics construction process of the OSU vehicle.

AMPG Binding Post pack part number Z4308PAK
What exactly is a binding post and what are they commonly used for?

Binding posts are mating fasteners that consist of a barrel with an internal thread, and a male screw. They were originally designed to clamp material between the head of the barrel and the head of the screw, or to bridge the gab between two parts. Binding posts are commonly referred to as Architectural Bolts, Chicago Screws, Door Hardware Screws, Furniture Posts, Internal Thread Mating Fasteners, Partition Screws, Posts & Screws, Threaded Rivets and Sex Bolts.

Technical Guide to Binding Posts

AMPG has over 30 years experience in manufacturing binding posts. We can make all sizes and head styles in house from a variety of different in-stock raw materials. Our specialized machinery and processes allow us to produce small quantity and production quantity runs.

Barrels, Screws, and Posts have 5 important criteria:

  1. Barrel Diameter – These bolts often are going through pre-drilled holes, and need to be able to fit. The barrel diameter should be slightly less than than the hole diameter.
  2. Barrel Length – This is the length measured from underneath the head to the end of the barrel.
  3. Thread Size – What size threads are in the barrel, and how much depth is required.
  4. Head Type & Drive – Most common is a “truss” style head. Other common drive styles are; none, slotted, socket and combo drive.
  5. Material & Finish – AMPG manufactures in various materials including Aluminum, Brass, Copper, 18-8 and Type 316 Stainless Steel, available in several platings.
Binding Post Diagram with dimensional callouts
Formula style racecar built by Ohio State's Formula Buckeyes
AMPG Binding Posts In Use on racecar component
AMPG Binding Posts at front of formula racecar
AMPG Binding Posts on side of formula racecar
Formula Buckeyes formula racecar
How did The Ohio State University Formula SAE team use AMPG binding posts in their racecar?

Jakob Madgar, President and Suspension Director of the Formula Buckeyes, explains the team’s product application and shares his thoughts on the advantages of using AMPG’s binding posts.

“We [Formula Buckeyes SAE Team] have been using AMPG’s Aluminum Binding Posts throughout the entire Aerodynamics construction process, and they couldn’t be easier to use, or more perfect for our application. The way we assemble the aerodynamics package is by gluing the posts on the inside of each of the airfoils, so that the posts stick out as an aligning feature. Then, we waterjet holes in to our endplates, and simply align the holes with the posts and screw them down. This method of assembly has been a massive improvement over previous attempts. The AMPG fasteners also allows for a variety of different adjustments with ease. We can quickly change air foils and replace damaged ones if need be. These fasteners also allow us to change the angle of attack of individual air foils as well as swapping out air foil shapes. This allows our car to have the best setup for each track. We think the modular design these fasteners allow us to have is a tremendous advantage to us. More importantly though, we have had issues with aero endplates being knocked off due to lack of fastening strength in the past. At competition this year however, the car hit plenty of cones right on the endplate, and the screws kept them completely intact, not even a sign of damage after the fact!

We found AMPG by searching online for a provider for such a fastener, and they manufactured high quality binding posts. Most other manufactures could not provide the size and material selection AMPG was able to offer. AMPG and their website was very helpful in finding the right dimensions, quantity, or type of posts we needed, and we are very fortunate for their generous support!”

If you are interested in knowing more about our binding posts,

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