All of AMPG’s Shoulder Screws are PRECISION!

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AMPG™ PRECISION smooth head shoulder screws are available in many different styles. 100% Made in the USA from DFARS compliant material, the shoulder diameter tolerance is plus nothing, minus .001”. Available with Hex Socket Drive, Slotted, Star, and Theft Resistant drives. Class 2A Thread fit for inch, and 6g fit for Metric.

AMPG™ smooth head screws have a shoulder diameter tolerance of plus .000” to minus .001”; the shoulder length tolerance is plus .002” to minus .000”. Smooth head shoulder screws have tighter shoulder-diameter and shoulder-length tolerances than knurled head screws making them ideal for use with ball bearings and other precision components.

Smooth head shoulder screws are one-piece screws with a cylindrical shoulder under the head that serves as a bearing or spacer. This shoulder (the unthreaded shank) is held to a precise diameter; and it’s this dimension that determines which components the shoulder can accommodate. 

AMPG’s Precision (Smooth Head) Shoulder screws are available in:

  • Hex Socket Drive, Slotted Drive, and Star Drive
  • 18-8 SS, 316 SS, 416 SS, 4140 Alloy, and Brass
  • Inch or Metric Sizes
  • Military Specification
  • Coarse and Fine Threads
  • Regular, Low Profile, Or Ultra Low Profile
  • Standard Thread or Extra Long Thread
  • Thread-Locker Patch

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