Accurate AMPG Introduces a new line of Exotic Material Socket Head Cap Screws

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AMPG™ is proud to offer new EXOTIC MATERIAL Socket Head Cap Screws, now available in Type 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Titanium.

Precision Machined Socket Head Cap Screws are dimensionally more precise. Each screw is manufactured in one operation. We begin with precision-ground DFARS compliant raw materials, which is ordered with full traceability. On state of the art CNC Swiss Lathes, parts are made without any extra-handling or other machining operations. This ensures concentricity, tight tolerances, and products easily recognized for their uniformity & function.

Below is a chart showing the new materials available, the material properties, and some reasons for using them.

Socket head cap screws have heavy heads with a hex socket drive. All screws have a Class 3A thread fit. Screw length is measured from top of head.

For more information on our Exotic Material Socket Head Cap Screws, such as sizes, pricing and availability, call 317-472-9000, or email us at

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